Want to know about Grabbite

A service for assisting you to order food online sitting conveniently at home. You simply tell us where you want to order food to and your preference and we provide you with all related information within seconds.

How to register

It is very easy. You just have to fill in a simple form that you will find at our home page. You have to provide us with a valid email address and mobile phone number. These details we use to contact you
for informing about your order.

Forgot Username or Password

No problem.Just click on “Forgot Password” at our home page. An email with your new password is sent to your email address that you provided us while making your profile.

Rating a restaurant

You ordered from Grabbite and want to share your experience with everyone. It’s simple and easy.You will get a link in your email after ordering the food. You simply have to click on it and then you
can tell about your experience for that particular order. Remember, your opinion is very important for other users to decide for their respective orders in future.

About payments

You can pay cash upon successful delivery of your order. Grabbite provides you with the opportunity to pay online for your convenience.

Safety of online payments

Online payment is quick, straightforward and saves you from the hassle of carrying cash. Additionally,
Grabbite operates through paypal that ensures best encryption methods for keeping your data absolutely secure.

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